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1. Make an appointment by calling us on +359 885 558 858.
2. Visit us and tell us about you and what suit, shirt you need.
3. We will show you models of men’s suits tailored to your preferences.
4. We will let you choose from over 2500 types of fabric, but guiding you so that you do not get lost in the huge variety we offer. You will find out the price 10 minutes after you enter our studio!

5. We will take measures using Made to Measure technology and after 40 minutes-90 minutes, after you have chosen the smallest detail of your suit, the real work begins for us. And for you it remains to wait for our tailors to make the dream suit.

6. You visit us in the studio and receive a perfectly tailored suit for you after 7-15 working days, depending on your preferences.

* Made to Measure sewing uses thousands of combinations of ready-made patterns, which eliminates the need for a subsequent sample with a semi-finished suit. When you visit us in the studio, we will take measures on an already sewn jacket and pants, which is as close as possible to your size. We will make all the adjustments you want on it and with the help of our tailors we will create a custom suit that will fit you perfectly.
The process takes 40 to 90 minutes, depending on whether you only want a jacket, a suit and or a shirt. The prices of our costumes start from BGN 699 and for this amount you can get a two-piece suit sewn according to your requirements, with individual personalized details (linings, buttons, monograms, etc.) made of Made in Italy fabric.
Once we take your measures, they are kept in our archive and if you have not changed your weight, you can order your next custom suit or shirt much faster and easier.
The Made to Measure method is used by some of the largest men’s fashion brands in the UK, USA and Italy. Some of them are Brioni, A. Caraceni, Brooks Brothers, Dunhill, Scabal, Jeff Banks, Huntsman.