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The main part of the products we offer are perfectly tailored men’s suits. Whether the occasion is formal, like a wedding and you will be a guest or a groom, whether your job requires you to be elegant every day, we know what to offer you and you will always stand out. You will be able to choose from over 2500 types of Made in Italy fabric with different threads and colors. The variety we offer, combined with complete freedom of choice in the small details, make us industry leaders in the selection of custom men’s suits. Our products are made according to global standards without compromising on quality, which you can see for yourself by visiting us on site after a pre-booked appointment. We will be happy to take the time you need to familiarize yourself with our different models of men’s suits, even if you are hesitating whether now is the right time to order the right men’s suit.

The details of the models of all the men’s suits we offer are fully tailored to the body structure and needs of our customers. Absolutely every detail of the cut is adjusted to emphasize your strengths. Depending on the purpose of the clothing, the fabrics and other details are selected. Different fabrics are suitable for different models of men’s suits. There are those that are suitable only for the jacket, and for men’s trousers another contrasting or in the same range, but finer fabric is chosen. The intricacies of the process of making custom men’s suits are countless and the only way to get to know them is by visiting us.

Book an appointment on 0885 558 858, whether you want to order or just get to know our products.

The prices of men’s suits that we offer start from BGN 499 and for exactly this amount you can get a two-piece suit tailored to your requirements, with individual personalized details (linings, buttons, monograms, etc.) made of Made in Italy fabric with a composition 100% wool or mixed with linen and silk, NO POLYESTER AND POLYAMIDE.

Come to our atelier at 92 Georgi S. Rakovski St., Sofia to familiarize yourself with the variety and high quality of men’s suits that we offer.

*All images below are of men’s suits sewn by our tailors and are protected by copyright law. The models you see cost BGN 699 for a two-piece suit or BGN 499 for just a jacket, Made in Italy fabrics. Production time: 7-15 working days.