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Unlike business suits, for most wedding suits, it’s nice to have a bit more flair. This is expressed in brighter fabrics with different performances that give an additional airiness under the bright sun or the evening spotlights during the first wedding dance. The placement of velvet in the rest of the men’s suit further emphasizes that the occasion is extra special. Of course, small details like buttons, jewelry, bow ties and handkerchiefs also play a huge role in the overall look. Despite all that has been said so far, there are people who prefer to bet on a classic men’s suit that simply emphasizes the strong features of the figure and let the star of the wedding be the bride. No matter what your preferences are, we will respect them, guiding you through the difficult task of choosing the perfect wedding suit.


We’ve dressed hundreds of newlyweds over the years, always striving to create beautiful memories and fewer giggles when looking at family albums years from now.


Most of the off-the-shelf wedding suits on the market rarely fit the body perfectly and this leads to discomfort, especially when worn for a long time, such as a wedding. When I also include various artificial materials such as polyester and polyamide, which are almost always in the composition of the garment, the result is similar to wrapping yourself in stretch film and going to the beach.


The prevention of the situation described above is to choose tailoring for a wedding suit. The cut and size will be tailored only to your wishes, which gives you complete freedom. Natural fabrics like wool reduce force and allow the body to breathe. Surprising to some, but at Brutale we offer wedding suits that even cool the body temperature down to 7°C and don’t get wet in light rain.• Custom-made two-piece wedding suit – from BGN 699


• Over 2500 types of fabric Made in Italy


• 7-15 days of production


• Call us: 0885 558 858