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Tailored Shirts by order

We offer a wide variety of custom made shirts – casual, sports, business shirts, as well as ceremonial shirts for formal occasions such as weddings, balls and more. You will be able to choose the type of cuffs, the type of collar, the length of the sleeves, the width of the sleeves, the length of the shirt, the type of buttons, the placement of monograms. Welcome to get acquainted with the variety of over 2500 types of fabric for shirts and the high quality we offer. The prices of the shirts start from BGN 179.

Make an appointment to visit us on 0885 558 858, whether you want to order or just get acquainted with our products.

Steps when buying custom tailored shirts:

You will have the opportunity to choose from over 2500 types of fabric for shirts, and we will direct you to the most suitable for the occasion and your individual style.

Sizing takes about 30 minutes, specifying all the details according to your figure. Your structure, your recommendations and our expert opinions make the perfect cut for a custom shirt.

Then we give you the opportunity to choose the right buttons for the shirt.

There is no way you can have a custom made shirt and we do not offer you to embroider your initials in the form of a monogram. It can be the color of the shirt and visible only when you look closely, or it can be with a contrasting thread and become an accent. Some of our clients prefer not to have a monogram at all – a matter of taste, as for everything we do. You get complete freedom!

The choice of the collar is quite important and most of our customers are shocked how much it changes the whole look of the shirt – youth, casual, business, ceremonial. So many details and all this to make your unique shirt especially for you.

Another detail is the finish of the sleeves – the cuffs! How many buttons do you want to have (one or two) or do you want to put cotton or metal cufflinks. Again, the choice is yours, often determined by the occasion and the situation in which you will wear the shirt.