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Why choose Brutale:
 – we offer low prices because we do not maintain an expensive boutique and optimize our costs for the benefit of the customer. Our studio offers a sophisticated environment in which you can get acquainted with our work, view over 2500 fabrics and learn more about the world of men’s suits.
–  we sew only with quality Italian and English fabrics that do not contain artificial fabrics such as viscose and polyamide
 – tailors with over 30 years of experience work for us
 – we use the most modern machines that allow the production of quality and strong suits and shirts, resistant to everyday weather conditions, suitable for dry cleaning and last but not least – to fit you exactly.
 – we fulfill an order for sewing men’s custom tailored suits and shirts for the shortest possible time depending on the customer’s requirements
 – we will give you advice on what shirt, shoes and other accessories to combine with the tailor-made suit.
 – you will be able to choose a suit for a specific occasion – business suit, wedding or casual
 – more information -> how to choose a men’s suit to order